You may have heard of CR Surfacing Laboratories, a family business in Melbourne, helping people see better “for over 40 years”.

CR manufactures optical prescription lenses right here, in the heart of Victoria, and exclusively supplies lenses for independent optometry practices, supporting local jobs.

Did you know that our local laboratory gives home to the world’s newest equipment and latest technologies, right here in Victoria?

After years of research and development, on the 1st of August 2021, CR Surfacing launched the latest generation of freeform lens designs, the much-anticipated Australis.

A lens canvas, where the design is created by the customer. Personally by and for each customer, – individually.

The Australis Journey starts as soon as you step into your local independent optical store.

Through learning about your everyday life, regular day at work, hobbies and interests, the Australis System starts generating a design around your individual lifestyle, by using complex decision-making algorithms, predictive analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. With the results from the expert eye test, the Australis Algorithm refines the design details, considering your prescription, priorities, and previous experiences with glasses.

The most accurate point-of-wear measurements further refine the lens design to create a fully tailor-made visual experience.

Utilising the newest design technologies, HyperThin, MightyView, EyeHarmony, Digital Enhancement, AccuPath, OptiGaze – collectively called the Hexagon Technologies -, the ergonomically optimised lenses are created with up to 20% less aberration, providing natural, sharp vision through the thinnest lenses possible. As a result of swim effect minimization and improved fusion of lateral and vertical images, wearers experience a near-instantaneous adaptation to the Australis lenses.

The Australis is the most accurate visual solution, taking into account your personal feedback and the characteristics of your selected frame. This means, even if someone has the exact same prescription as you do, will be unable to wear your glasses, as they are fully custom made, providing smooth and natural vision in every direction of gaze, far and near.

Our laboratory-recognised Australis Experts will guide you through the Australis Experience, ensuring that the quality of products and services will exceed your expectations. To follow up, CR Surfacing is sending a 4-question survey to every new Australis lens wearer, in order to gather feedback from your experience to contribute to our future innovations and ensure you are a 100% satisfied. For every completed survey, CR Surfacing is donating a $1.00 to Rural Aid, to support rural communities across Australia.

By purchasing the Australis Lenses, you are supporting Australian made products and local businesses, strengthening the national economy, and securing a strong and stable future for our children in Australia.

Ask your local independent optometry practice about the Australis Experience.